Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Not a lot !

We were at Ira's this month and she told us she had not done much since we last saw her........hmmmm.

She had been to Dingle in Ireland and had been amazed at the colours seen in the rocks along the coast.Some photos below which,no doubt ,will give her inspiration for years to come.


She had been working on several pieces,first by painting with acrylic and layering with tissue before overprinting with her hand made blocks.

This is the first stage ,some "bling" in the form of metallic gold.

Then each piece is stitched by machine ,before having hand stitch ,beads and sequins added.There are several of these in progress.

Here is an example of the base layer and one of her blocks.

This is another of her inspirations,a card picked up from an exhibition.It shows a little snippet of each exhibiting artist' work.Ira thought this might be a good way to experiment with her own works.She intends to collage together examples of her own to create a composite work.

Since the meeting she has had her knee replacement operation,has it slowed her down? Not a bit of it she is stitching and beading as usual while her husband goes and sources supplies for her! Indomitable!

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