Saturday, 27 June 2015


Viv has been working on her piece we saw last month.

You can see the size of the piece as it sits on her lap.She has been making some slips which will find their way onto the piece,below.

This photo shows a closer view of the extra stitching she has added ,I think it has been couched to emphasize the seed heads.

It's going to be a stunning piece,with the Eco dyeing ,printing ,piecing and stitching.

Deryll had also progressed with her 'madder' piece.

She had strengthened the stitching of the plant ,but has plans to add more colour and overlay with sheers before cutting back.

 Viv and Deryll had been experimenting with media too.

Deryll had taken some flowers from the garden ,bonded them to fabric and machine stitched to gauge how well they would last.We await the verdict.

Viv had been using up some dyes on crumpled paper before rubbing some metallic over to pick up the high spots.Both are interesting techniques.

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