Saturday, 13 August 2016

Working towards "Flourish" - some images from our August meeting

Work in progress - something's attacking Deryll's lettuces!

Carol has embroidered some text for her coral and carbon dioxide statement piece. We discussed the placement of the other component parts of her embroidery.

Following on from her workshop with Mandy Patullo, Carol has been creating more pieces and has been painstakingly hand quilting her own backgrounds.

A small selection of the hoops in neutral colours which will form our group project.  They have yet to be "tidied up" on the backs and then placed in a suitable arrangement on the wall.  The photo does not do them justice.

Sally amazed us with a folding sketchbook which she had filled with drawings of her garden at its best over the space of one weekend - here are just a few pages (and it will be 2-sided!)

Jane had worked more of her Celtic designs in computerized embroidery and is assembling a  stunning hanging.

Viv has gone back to her first love - plants and flowers - and has produced this small picture.

These are some of Liz's rust prints from found objects on Eastbourne beach, which are going to make a great new piece of work.

She had also continued with her eco-printing of leaves, introducing some good colour from natural-dyed fabrics.

Patricia will be showing some lovely necklaces in the exhibition.  Here is one of them, made with natural and semi-precious stones, as well as textiles of course!

Liz had been on a 5-day bookbinding course with Guy Begbie, printing and cutting into some fascinating paper sequences.

Marilyn had been on a weaving workshop with Margot Selby and produced these samples of the deflected double-weave process, with some very striking designs.  She used a combination of lambswool and rayon fibres.

These red and blue samples are of 3113 pleating, giving amazing texture.

Debby showed how star stitch could be very effective used on its own in different sizes. She had stitched into one grid of a teatowel.  Might this become a brooch?


  1. What a wonderfully varied group of beautiful work. 'Flourish' promises to be a great exhibition.

  2. Looks as if I missed a very interesting meeting! J.