Sunday, 17 July 2016

Exhibitions and workshops

Liz,as ever ,is busy busy,busy.These pieces are on exhibition in Weston -super-Mare and are inspired by the shore.Liz collects all kinds of rusted metal when walking by the sea .She to uses them to colour  her fabrics and papers,before adding stitch.

Below you see her holding one of the pieces just back from exhibition in Frome with the Contemporary  Quilters.This time she focused on matching her own coloured fabrics with indigo,modern and vintage.

Below some details of the stitch in the panels

A new Eco -dyed piece in progress.

She had attended a workshop with Edwina Mackinnon just the week previous.They had been exploring

Batik with Soya wax.It is more environmentally friendly than beeswax or paraffin and gives just as good results

Liz loves mark -making and we can see how much she enjoyed this.

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