Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tweet !

First a little extra splash of colour from Carol.This just a little taste of using an embellisher.

Her main contribution to 'Show and Tell 'were these delightful birdie cards.
She has captured such a lovely style with the combination of appliqué and stitch.Really they are too good for just cards,any one would make a lovely small framed piece.

Debby came next ,showing some pieces she had layered with fabrics and added stitch .

All sorts of snippets can be employed to create stories and pictures.

Even colour mixing with the use of sheers.
Debby talked about teaching rhymes and rhythms to young children and this piece below was something she created to illustrate that.

and to finish a lovely lino print showing how there is often enough ink left on the plate to create a 'ghost print'.Sometimes these are 

more atmospheric and can be worked into.

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  1. Carol and Debbie's pieces are so simple yet quite delightful.