Monday, 19 December 2016

Quick fix.

Running short on time,cards,energy,ideas?

Here's a brilliant idea that Deryll brought to show.
Take a sheet of paper or fabric,about A3 or A4 in size.Sort out your snippets of ribbon,fabrics,ric-rac,papers that are really too small to be useful.Choose a shape.....triangle for Christmas tree,circle for bauble etc. and cut out about eight.Add some small coloured backgrounds to the base then place shapes on top.Add ribbons,braids etc to decorate the shapes,Stitch or stick in place ,you can use decorative machine stitches if you like.Photocopy in colour as many times as you need.These can then be cut up and stuck to cards or parcel tags to use for sending or attaching to gifts.Advantage you send or give something handmade and use up your tiny leftovers........WIN WIN.

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