Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Birds and interiors.

Kirsten brought along more of her birds

she had applied them to some acid dyed wool.

We liked the way the colour was not one solid hue.it added to their charm.

She had also recently taken a two day workshop with Gladys Paulus,creating seedpods.The one above was made flat and used alpaca.They are amazing !There is still some work to do on them according to Kirsten so we may see them in future posts.

Sally has also been working on birds,namely the ones from the NiA dish.She has done a great deal of research and may well produce something to display with her piece.Here are some she has stitched below.

She was thinking of creating a book from them,we favoured mounting them in small frames to hang together as they are individual little gems.We thought they deserved to be looked at as individual pieces,there is such a lot in each.

She has also been pursuing a Drawing Interiors course with Hannah Murgatroyd at the RWA over three weeks.This has involved visiting the Holborne Museum and Victoria Gallery in Bath ,Bristol Cathedral and King's Weston in Bristol

Exercises included using focal point,looking through,use of negative space 

using tone to rather than line to show an object 

and use of pattern.She has really enjoyed this and will continue into May at the Suspension bridge,Red Lodge and Bristol Museum.We look forward to her sharing what she produces as she hopes it will sparks ideas into textiles.

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