Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Rust and walnut.

Liz had been in Cornwall 

 and as usual had made good use of her time beach-combing for rusted pieces ,as well as making use of the sea to soak her fabrics.

Above is a close up of the seeding stitch  she has been adding to the piece.

She talked about tin mining and the scars left on the Cornish landscape by it.She is wondering whether to add words to this piece,interestingly "cousin jack' is the local parlance for tin miner.

We loved the colours within the piece,Liz explained that when eco dyeing the blacks and greys are caused by the Tannin in tea.She also said her fabrics 'take' much quicker in Cornwall as it has  softer water than Bristol.

Rusted strip cloth pieces beginning to be stitched.

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Jenn had just spent the weekend with Stitch Textile Artists at Ammerdown with Sian Martin.The group were challenged to make brushes out of anything and then to use them to make marks and then write with them.Walnut ink,emulsion paint and Quink ink were used.

They worked on paper ,then fabric choosing a word that related to their current theme.

Jenn chose GROW,for her seedpods.

Eventually pieces were chosen,arranged and stitch added.

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