Saturday, 12 August 2017

August meeting

We met at Jenn's, bringing all our work in preparation for the SouthWest Quilt and Textiles show 1-3 September.
We had a lively meeting with much to report and lots to look at.

Deryll had completed her piece for our Nature in Art exhibition .You can just see her inspiration from the CROWD objects at her feet.

She is planning a second ,as you can see above,with a detail below.The colours and shapes have captured the essence of the ceramic without slavishly copying.It is really successful.

As an aside,she had been sorting through some things and happened upon this little pouch.Some years ago she had decided to recycle the foil packets from pills in her own unique way.She had produced a dress and this little pouch is a reminder.Not sure if we still have a record of the dress.

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