Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Nearly done.

Jane had spent a lovely few weeks in Venice over the Summer and despite having to suffer being eaten by mosquitoes she had visited The Biennale.She plans to make a record so we look forward to seeing it.

On her return she had made time to complete her final bird piece .It just has to be put into a frame for NiA.
Using her digitising skills for the pieces she has also used the outcome to create these lovely patches .They will look good on jeans,bags etc.and we're sure will "fly" off from her Etsy shop.There will probably be more in NiA.

Deryll, meanwhile,had been creating elements for a second piece for NiA.

We love the quiet colour way,chosen in response to her Crowd object.
lots of lovely detail,with the "flower stitch foot"creating button like additions.

The linen looks as though she has spent a long time withdrawing threads,when in fact it is machine stitched !


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