Sunday, 17 September 2017

Slipping into September.

Our numbers were down on usual as September seems to be a popular month for late holidays.We sat in Marilyn's sunny conservatory for our meeting.

Finding it difficult to come to a conclusion with her 'Crowd'  piece Jenn had leapt ahead to thinking about our Newark Park exhibition next May.She had been taken with the blue and white teapots and jug sporting hand painted  bees.She chose some fabrics and stuck them to a base with "gloop"before adding in some stitch and some free machined bees,there is still more to add.

 A recent purchase of a Xcut Xpress machine ,to use for a cheap printmaking press , gave her the opportunity to use a hexagon die to cut out some papers for patchwork,not something she would normally attempt! Some silk samples that had been around for a goodly while were hand pieced in honey hues.

More bees were free machined on a piece of blue silk and will be destined to populate the hive.She also brought along one of three newly framed pieces destined for Nature in Art.

Viv presented her now completed tiny,we do mean TINY,Liberty pieced doll's quilt.It's a shame we forgot to put a coin for scale as they are about the size of 10p piece.


It is to be used on a very old doll's bed and will we are sure be an heirloom of the future.

As normal wadding would be overpowering Viv used a bamboo fabric usually sold for use as dusters !

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