Saturday, 7 April 2018

Family history.

Viv had decided that one piece based on the carpet at Newark wasn't sufficient .She had used the remnants of her fabric to create this lovely square ,once again using cut appliqué to create some depth.

She,like many of us, is contributing postcard piece to the auction at Nature In Art to help with funds.She had chosen her signature flowers ,above, a welcome reminder that better weather should be on its way.

Lastly,she had been to Heather Henderson's talk to the Bristol Embroiderers Guild.She was taken with the technique and felt it was ideal to use for a piece based on a photograph of her father and siblings as children.

She had traced the picture took it into Photoshop and using  transfer paper transferred it to calico .She has then spent some time cutting out and appliquéing the clothing etc before finally adding detail with stitch.It makes for a very personal and lasting memento of a time past.

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