Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Bling !

Debby had attended a workshop with The Quilters Guild run by Angie Hughes.This piece ,above uses some of the foils and stitch
A starter piece to familiarise herself with the technique before she really got going.

Angie often uses Hundertwasser and Klimt in her own work as inspiration.It was  Klimt that was the focus for this workshop on foiling.Debby used the above piece to inspire her and you can clearly see the link in the piece below.

They worked on black cotton velvet ,which Debby said gave a surprisingly good base to stitch into.They used bondaweb and foiled sweet papers to add the Bling,along with metallic threads,

as well as glue dots,Kim Thittichai used to supply these.Masks were used to protect some areas while the foiling was applied, using a small travel iron.

Debby went on to create another piece ,inspired by this encyclopaedia page reference for a spotted jewel fish, isn't he just fabulous.This technique has lots of mileage and we're sure we'll see more in this vein from Debby.

In other work she had continued with her mermaid adding in borders of two blues and lots of stitch.

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