Wednesday, 9 May 2018


We have now been told that our exhibition at Newark Park will not take May -June.
The house is still drying out and it is not possible to estimate what repairs are needed and how long they will take.It is disappointing but completely out of our control.We expect to be given an alternative date somewhere in the future when the house is restored to normal.Meanwhile we look forward to The South West Quilt and Textile show 30th August -1st September 2018.

Kirsten is moving from felted birds and mice towards delightful hares like this little fellow!

She has been going to further art classes, and drew a section of her photo of reeds, water and reflections, using watercolour and pastel on extra fine wet and dry sandpaper with stunning results.


Ira brought along a piece she had found in a drawer, made some time ago, but showing her customary attention to fine detail.

Inspired by the gift of a very beautiful ceramic pot by a family member, she has started work on a piece layering the colours of the pot in sheers, and burning areas of it.

In addition, she has been studying and drawing Elizabethan chimneys with a view to a new project; we look forward to seeing what emerges!

Deryll had finished her landscape pieces intended for Newark Park, but we shall have to wait a while now to see these hung.
 Sue had been playing with small circles to obtain ideas for colour combinations; they are shown laid on a section of her husband's tweed jacket which she had washed. 

This beautiful pillow was made from a photograph taken on an evening walk with her daughter.

Sue had also been experimenting with her fabrics to create this piece.

Carol and Liz had attended an Embroiderers' Guild workshop with Zoe Hillyard on Boro and had produced these interesting pieces. This one is Carol's, on a denim jeans leg

This one is Liz's, on a strip of African woven cloth

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