Sunday, 9 December 2018

Identity ,style.

Would you be able to identify which one of GTA had created these

pieces in progress?

The person in question was doubting that she could still create relevant work.She felt that her work was more of the same.We thought that having a recognisable style was good .....think of the artists like Monet, Van Gogh etc.So many people strive to get to a place where they have mastered technique and can then spend time on perfecting what they want to explore and say.What do YOU think?

These pieces seek to explore old walls and the textures found therein.They are built up with layers of paper and paint and are torn to reveal what lies beneath before being intensively stitched.

Historical themes are being explored with paint and copper stitchery

The pieces at the top will morph into land and seascapes.We had a play with rearranging the smaller pieces within the large.

Whether anything will result we shall wait to see.

In case you didn't guess see below.

When sorting through she found the newspaper article which gave rise to her misgivings about her style.We think there is nothing to worry about as Ira is so committed and prolific we shall be seeing her and her work for a good while yet.
She has an article in Maggie Grey's WOWbook number 3 which is available now at

Deryll had been down Memory Lane too ,unearthing the samples you see below.She had sold four pieces based on thistles back in 1998.She wondered if it was worth her while to resurrect the idea.We thought her time might be better spent developing new ideas and work rather than try to get enthused over an idea that had probably been played out.

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