Sunday, 9 December 2018



Sue had been to Iceland and from there to Canada to visit family.She had taken the brave decision to not use a camera but  to record what she saw in a notebook. Her impressions of bridges crossed ,museum exhibits and trees at the Montreal Botanic Garden delicately drawn in pen with some  additional , written notes.Using this technique places and experiences can be recalled quite well.Kurt Jackson often includes notes within his paintings which evoke the sense of place.No doubt Sue will have personal memories of the places she travelled and visited which may well bring forth new work.

Liz had also been journeying but in a different way.She had taken a day of Meditation and Stitch where they concentrated on breath as it was taken in and out.The stitch had no plan or pattern but evolved as the day progressed ,a time of quiet contemplation with no chatter.A rare occurrence in our busy lives.

They also made a little concertina book dyed with turmeric where they recorded their thoughts and feelings.

She had news of a forthcoming venture where  international exponents of Eco -Dyeing without toxins are to be invited to exhibit in next years Festival of Quilts.

Liz is going to concentrate on producing work with oak, using the leaves and bark throughout the seasons to see what, if any, differences can be seen.The piece above was from fabric dyed in the Summer .Oak has lots of tannin so no mordants are necessary.She has also returned to her love of bookbinding ,and has started creating books with oak covers.

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