Thursday, 19 December 2019


Sally had paid attention to Ira's instruction made last meeting to get two pieces done! She had pieced some of her fabrics printed with the wind horse and

had completed herTibetan book adding 
the closure and working on the back of the concertina.

After last meeting Deryll had unearthed a tablecloth her daughter had brought back from Nepal several years ago.Her daughter had taken a stamp and printed some napkins to go with it.On closer inspection the stamp contains a wind horse.......what a coincidence!

Deryll also brought along some samples using her flower stitch foot

worked on the felt she made on her summer course.

They reminded Jenn of Japanese ceramics with chrysanthemums.

She had also created a first piece based on the scans taken of her eyes.We think it has worked really well and hope there will be a series.

She had taken the double eyed needle and done some experiments.She had much better success than Jenn.

Not strictly textiles but continuing the recycling theme.

Deryll grows plants from seed ,and had found a new use for Tetra packs.After rinsing them out she cut around one long side leaving one edge attached to fold back.The lid was screwed backin position and the bottom was  pierced a few times.

It can be filled with seed compost and seeds sown.The advantage being the foiled interior is water resist and  it reflects the light,Win, win on all counts.

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  1. So many lovely pieces of work and great ideas. I have just spent a very pleasant half hour scrolling back through your posts and feel that it is probably just as well I left when I did! I think most of my textile skills have left me and the thought of exhibiting would scare me now. I see that all of you are keeping GTA alive and well and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.