Sunday, 22 December 2019

Mindful ?

Debby had purchased a nativity set from Hobbycraft and was beginning to stitch them together .A simple but effective construction .

Her next piece caused some discussion as she called  it a  mindful stitching piece she worked on when she wanted a quiet moment.Wasn't all stitching mindful? It was noted that the difference might be that stitching without an end result in view might be considered you have a view ?Leave us a comment.

This next piece uses some paracetamol wrappers, hand dyed fabric and some Japanese indigo.

She brought too, a catalogue  containing some work by Pauline Burbridge using feathers that appealed .

She thought she might continue to develop her feathers done with Cyanotyping.

She had also taken advantage of a special offer on Prinfab to order some velvet samples of pieces of her work .The reproduction of the details and colours were very good indeed.The velvet felt sumptuous and Debby has plans for turning them into cushions.

And lastly ,an interesting book with a variety of projects bought at a very good price from The Works.

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