Thursday, 12 December 2013


Discussing the colours of Debby's batik.She was saying it was unusual to include orange as it's not a favourite but it had crept into this piece of St Ives.There is a way to go before it is complete.
Jane talked about her ideas for our next exhibition in Sidcot School next October.As usual it sounds very technically exacting  but also very exciting.Knowing Jane,it will not disappoint.

She introduced us to FANCYPRINTS  and Viv had brought along their fabric samples.They are a locally based company who print your designs on a choice of fabrics.You can find them here 

Viv brought along some reworked pieces.Reverse appliqué I think,with added stitch.

These have a stained glass feel to them,all exquisitely  finished.

Stunning colours but that was the quandary to frame them? 

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