Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sally,Sue and Jenn.

Sally brought along some cards being sold in Waterstones.They are of embroideries made by her niece,talent obviously runs in the family.Keep an eye out for them as they are really striking and not at all expensive.

Sally's contribution this month was her article published in this compilation magazine by Workbox,it's available now.If you came to the Nature in Art exhibition ,in February of this year ,you would have seen the work she talks about. 

This is what Sue produces when she just has to do something "stitchy"!These are eyelet stitch very expertly produced,note the one area of zingy orange!
Sue uses such vibrant colours and what she showed next did not disappoint.
Lots of embellished fabrics cut into strips,ready to be turned into something stunning.
Then there was this,we thought it looked like a skyline but we'll all have to wait and see.
I am still playing around with fossils,but ammonites in particular ,well for the moment.

This was sari ribbon free machined and cable stitch on silk.I will add more to it.I may even cut it up and play around with the fragments.
The other little motifs were hand stitched on silk with various silk threads.I have an idea for a larger piece so they are pinned to silk organza for the moment.

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