Friday, 13 December 2013

Ira,Heather and Carol.

Ira creates magical pieces with the most unlikely of fabrics.She has trapped lots of snippets in organza then begun to free machine and hand stitch into the surface.The stitches are so fine and exquisite.
She had also brought along some photographs of rocks taken on Welsh beaches,the colours were extraordinary.We wait to see how these are taken into embroidery, as Ira loves rock formations as inspiration.

Carol and Liz had attended a lino printing course in "Heartspace".They had used pigment dyes and some personal images to print onto fabrics.
These quirky little birds show the white line method and the dark line method of cutting Lino.The white line is when you carve the drawn line once a bit like a pencil line,this means the surface is left mainly intact.In the dark line a small area is left standing above the surface and the rest of the surface is carved away.You can see the Lino block below,white line on left,dark line on right.
Carol also brought a split stitch sample using thicker wool threads.She had some very fine thread ones on sale in the Guild exhibition.She  was inspired to stitch them after watching the programme on BBC a little while ago on OPUS ANGLICANUM.She has ideas for using it in her work for the next exhibition.

Heather had finished her book based on the Lewis Chessmen.This was begun on Frances Pickering course she attended in the Summer.

She has used a variety of techniques and materials in making it.The attention to detail is so good,with lots of stitching,drawing and printing put to use.
You can follow her blog to see more of her lovely work.We shall miss her at our monthly meetings.We'll have to keep visiting her blog to see what she gets up to.

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