Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Delights from Debby.

Debby has a very busy life,it has been even more so since she has been covering for Janet at Heartspace as she has a broken wrist.She brought along her lovely brooches,see above.
This memory quilt which uses transfer printed images.

And these..........lots of lovely ideas for printing on fabrics.She showed us a great variety of ways to make print blocks,from a domino piece wrapped with thread to funky foams and more.

Debby runs an after school stitch group and was using them to inspire her pupils.She intended them to print ,then embellish with stitch to make lavender bags.

Carol had decided upon the fabric she wished to use for her panels but was dismayed to discover "Calico "no longer had it.This meant she would not have enough to create all the panels she had originally intended.This called for a rethink,and to her relief she could make fewer panels ,less work,but still include the different groups she intended.So what might have been a disaster has been turned to advantage.

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