Monday, 16 June 2014


How many of us wonder what is living in our workrooms - this weekend I found out what is living in mine!  I went to check a box of handmade books as I am giving a talk soon to the local WI, and found that half of them had been eaten!  On checking them in the garden, I realised they were all covers made using a flour paste, scrim and a printing block.   I also had a bag of covers in a drawer which were also being eaten.  They are all now in the garden shed with napthalene mothballs, while John checks the beetles out with the Museum.  I fear it will shortly be a bonfire (of the vanities).  A word of warning to anyone who went to the same workshop some years ago, and also has these covers.   I have emailed Frances Pickering to know if she has encountered this herself.    Sally.

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  1. Oh dear - I seem to remember doing some flourpaste samples - best go and check.