Thursday, 12 June 2014


This month we seemed a little thin on the ground,with four members unable to attend.Never the less there was a lot to see and plenty to ponder on.

 Deryll brought along her pieces for the exhibition,they had been framed really well.No pictures... You will have to come and see them at Sidcot. She had picked up a delightful little frame at a charity shop and is busy filling it with the above poppy field,still more to add before it' s finished.

Debby is a tutor at Heartspace ,and as mentioned last month was involved with "Things with Wings"
Challenge.She had used Angelina and Angelina film to create a series of bugs

These will most probably develop into brooches.They capture the irridescence you find in insects and beetles,displayed in the sectioned box makes them reminiscent of precious specimens.

I love the little bees,apologies for the shadow cast by the box side.

The exhibition continues at Heartspace until the end of the month.


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  1. I recognised Deryll's work immediately in this delightful little landscape and Debby's bugs are fantastic. That is going to be some exhibition.