Monday, 14 July 2014


Liz brought along her coast pieces.She had found lots on the beaches in St Ives and used them to rust  some fabrics and papers.

This piece was displayed in The Guild recently.It has lots of stitching and beachcombed finds applied.
Here is a detail.


These two pieces  were inspired by Alice Fox,there were three but one sold at the Guild.Stitch and rust on Khadi paper.So simple but the marks and colours very evocative .

As they are glazed please excuse the photographer!

Liz also took part in a recent Quilters Guild workshop with Hilary Beattie,also on the theme of Coast.

These were some fabrics produced ,using thermofax screens ,stencils and stamps.Liz was disappointed to find the fabrics once washed did not retain their brilliant colour.

A page from the sketchbook worked on the day.Hilary works very quickly laying down shapes,colours etc. in her sketch book as she goes along,then revisits and works into the pages to derive her inspiration for her quilts.

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