Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July already.

Sue played hostess to us this month.We have had such lovely weather but it turned out pretty cloudy and overcast with some sharp downpours ,not that it impeded us as we were inside.
    Marilyn was back from her cruise ,which she enjoyed.She couldn't resist this rather lovely piece on her holiday.It looked like two pieces of fine silk back to back with lots and lots of hand stitch to join them together.

The colour was especially vibrant on this grey day.

She also brought two woven pieces based on her rainbow colours.This one ,I think,was called the Yoruba curve.It is called after the African Yoruba tribe who use the weave structure.

It has such movement.

This uses the same colours but woven in fine linen,the natural colour dilutes the rainbow colours.

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  1. What gorgeous fabrics Marilyn brought back from her cruise.