Sunday, 2 November 2014

Glorious colour.

Both Sue and Patricia brightened this gloomy Tuesday with amazing 'pops' of colour.

Sue had lots of embellishing samples influenced by the changing skies she sees from her home in Portishead.They ranged from sunrise to summer day to storm ridden.Her skill in choosing snips of thread,yarn and fabric and putting colours together can be seen above.What might look unpromising in a random pile becomes something delicious .

Patricia had spent a lovely day with a friend who uses glass and the above was the result.She said she had just added pieces at random as she had no experience.The fusing in the kiln had created this,an explosion of lusciousness .The colours glow and are vibrant.

We also saw a neckpiece and two necklaces glowing with the same vibrancy.The green necklace was passed among us and every single one of us could have matched it to what we had on,they are really versatile.

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