Saturday, 15 November 2014


Jenn had spent the weekend at Ammerdown with Stitch Textile Artists.This time they were working individually ,preparing for next Summer's exhibition at Ilminster arts centre.Jenn's work is looking at the patterns found in man made barriers.

She has started to put the various samples together to create resolved pieces.

These will then have more stitch added ,be attached to a better ground than this old blanket,and be worked into two final pieces.

Patricia had been revisiting some of her watercolour paintings with a view to using them to create some pieces for Nature In Art at Easter.

These have been torn then dipped in wax,and will have some stitch added.They are lovely fragments in their own right.

As she works she tries out her colours on some waste strips of paper,above,they are reminiscent of the glass she brought last time.These also led to some more experimentation with transfer dyes

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