Sunday, 23 November 2014


Several of us attended the Embroiderers Guild workshop with Cas Holmes in October.This month Carol and Debby remembered to bring what they had done.

These are some details of Carol's ,she does not like what she did one little bit.I can see possibilities if she stitched into the leaf shapes,and the dark blues remind me of birds.
       We had to take along some objects ,papers etc. for a theme. Cas then got us to set the objects up and draw,only we passed the drawing along to the next person who drew into it and so on around our table.Then we chose an area from our drawing to develop into a collograph. We printed onto teabag paper and used our papers etc. to create a piece which would be stitched into and further developed. Another' little spanner in the works  'was  we had to give something of our work which we disliked to someone in the group.This had to be incorporated into our piece.If you weren't happy with what you were doing this only made things worse!

This is a little of Debby's.

Carol also brought along this.     

An original appliqué and stitch panel ,she could use these delightful designs of hers to have some cards printed.

Debby ,as usual, had been working on a variety of projects.One was using these to dye blankets.
She brought them home from America,they are drinks but can be used to dye.As they are foodstuffs they are safe in a microwave,the background shows some of her results.They can be found here if you google ' Kool-Aid'

She also brought along this sweet little bird,

lino  printed then stitched.
We liked the back as much as the front

Sian Martin said the same at her talk at EG last Friday.

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  1. Thought the experimentation and challenge as the group evolved over the day stretched boundaries and you all took some real risks. It is normal not to always appreciate or like the initial results... Certainly true in the many stages of my practice. Saw some really interesting work and new possibilities evolve.