Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Chinese Thread Book Workshop

Sally, Viv and Liz attended a workshop with Lori Sauer at the Bookbinding Workshops, Woodborough. These are examples of the complex Miao paper books in which they keep their threads.

 The above three pictures are of the one Sally made, from buff-coloured Khadi paper

 A view of the workroom, with Liz at the far table. Concentration was needed to get all the measurements exact, cut the components perfectly, and glue the correct flaps!  We nearly all (8 of us) made a mistake at some point and had to recut at least one piece!  Our admiration for the Chinese girls who made their sewing books grew by the minute. ( It took all day to produce a book, with a much-needed lunch break in the excellent cafe.)

The next two pictures are of Viv's completed book, which she made from a stiff white Khadi paper. She regretted not choosing the buff paper which was thinner and therefore easier to fold.

Did Liz ever finish hers, we wonder...


  1. It looks like punishment to have to do Maths ! Are they going to be decorated?

  2. These are amazing and I can imagine what mine would look like if I tried to make one.