Monday, 2 February 2015


We are gearing up for our next exhibition at Easter so the focus is very much on what we will each exhibit.As it is at Nature in Art the work must be ,however loosely ,to do with nature.

Jane continues to refine her ideas using her brand new embroidery machine and software.These flowers were some samples she had produced to try to decide on colours. Each represents a great deal of stitching and planning as she digitizes the images used and then plays around with type and density of stitch to create the finished piece.There is no inputting,setting the machine to go and wandering off to do something else !

Liz 's subject matter is Trees and she has continued to develop her 'Eco dyeing'.

She finds that picking up shed leaves gives the best result as the sugars have developed.The little Khadi paper zig-zag books are delightful .They will have added stitch.

She has had good results on various fabrics too.

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