Saturday, 21 February 2015

Thinking ahead.

Carol had been out and about but instead of her intended destination of the Botanic garden she had ended up at the Gorge.She discovered it has information about the plants and wildlife to be found there.

It has some rare species and we thought this would be an ideal subject for her to explore.
Meanwhile she has been playing around with some layouts and fabrics for butterflies.

Her work is so very detailed and accurate.These will look beautiful for NIA.

Jenn brought the pieceshe had just begun last time by laying down,fabrics ,papers and print .She had them left from Cas Holmes workshop and wanted to do more work.The piece had become two as she cut had it apart.Since last meeting stitch and additions had been added ,and there is more to do.

This piece developed from a Gelli plate play session and may or may not reach finished status.

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