Sunday, 15 November 2015

Catch up with Jane.

Because of our Guild exhibition we didn't meet in October.This post gives a catch-up with September and November show and tell.Jane brought along her results from the workshop in August above.Like the others she was very productive.She had gone on to use some to play with mono printing.This below a multilayered page with her Celtic ideas on top.Lots of scope here for further development.

We liked what she had done with her triangle/pylon pieces.The manipulation of the surface has added to their appeal.The shadows add another dimension.

She had been trying out ideas for a background with machine stitching on a commercial fabric.You can see the difference the stitching makes below.

This close up show it even more clearly.We were wondering if the result was a tad too dark.

The random dyed wool was a gift to herself from Woolfest ,destined for socks ,I think.

More stitching from her machine to test out the quilting patterns on a quilt destined for the sofa.

so detailed and intricate .

A broader view of the back of the quilt and another close-up below.

The quilt front it all belongs with.

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