Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mosaic,transfers and indigo.

Debby had been to Rome and was very taken with the very many mosaics she had seen in countless places.Like us all she had spent her time looking down or up at the gorgeousness she encountered.This above was a piece she found at home which recalled what she had observed.She brought us all a lovely little bookmark each,detailing cherubs.

She continues at Stoke Lodge with her textile ladies.This last week she had been showing them the delights of transfer dyes,paints and crayons.

Here we see some of her sampling.

This one on velvet was especially lovely.

Patricia had been sorting through her fabrics and had chosen to bring some indigo dyed silks.The blue achieved is so soft and works so well on silks.We could see some luscious scarves and neckpieces in the making.

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