Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wendy Dolan workshop.

Three of us went to Wendy Dolan’s workshop run by the Embroiderer’s Guild which we thoroughly enjoyed.  The subject was Architectural Textures and Wendy took us through every stage with great attention to detail, even giving us an excellent lesson on machine embroidery.  We all thought we knew everything about machine embroidery, but everyone there had something to learn and discover about their machine and the techniques!
A brief idea of the process:   From a simple door or window photo we traced the image with a black felt pen eliminating some detail.  From a selection of light coloured fabrics we layed pieces onto a background of calico, pinning them down and then machining round the edges.  This was backed with Stitch and Tear or vilene.  The image was traced off onto a second piece, making sure it was reversed, placed on the back of the work and machine stitched.  There was only time to stitch the basic outlines to be enhanced later.
Further work will be done at home.

Carol's tracing

Carol's work

Debby's tracing and work

Close up of Debby's work

Sally's tracing

Sally's work

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  1. This looks like a really useful workshop,wish I' d gone now. JH.