Sunday, 17 July 2016

Further education,collaboration and inspiration.

Ira had been on a visit to her daughter who had persuaded her to work with her on an Advanced higher Art qualification in textiles,a Scottish syllabus.

Ira had begun by mark making .monoprinting and cutting up the results to create these fabrics

She considered John Piper as one of her inspirational artists.

This month she is undecided about Piper .She has to produce 15 A1 size drawings for the course by next May and tells us she will not have time for textiles.Hah! do we believe that .....?

Above is the beginning of her book cover she told us about last month and below her inspiration,a cliff face in Ireland.

Ira has created the piece below for the Norwich Shawls project.Only a photo of a photo as it has gone off to go through the selection process.We wait to see if it is accepted.

Majestic mouse is the inspiration behind the piece.The story is of the mouse who makes himself at home in Granny's work basket.Ira has collected together suitably vintage items and married them with her free machined fabric.The mouse was made by Kirsten.

The tale does not end there ....After completing her Majestic for Ira ,Kirsten was inspired to go on and make a collection of mice for her own piece!

They are such individual characters .We have encouraged her to make her own nest of mice to flourish for Stroud in October

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