Friday, 15 July 2016

Inspirations,finds and progressing ideas.

Carol had also been to the very popular Mandy Patella workshop and had created this lovely bird piece.

She had been inspired by a previous workshop with Wendy Dolan and had gone on to create another piece above.She had used setacolor silk paints to colour the fabric.

Another moment of inspiration struck and while the fabric was wet she pressed it into an already prepared piece and got this offset print.Paler but still very usable.

A little find of a tin of Dylon cold water dye and a classic book from a charity shop 

 occasioned a dyeing fest

 We often find that things tried in workshops we attend might not surface for a little while or not at all! Others have a habit of morphing into something that becomes one's own take on ideas. As here Mandy Patullo and Fay Maxwell's influence but definitely Carol's take with her use of the satin edge of a wool blanket and exquisite stitching.

Other work stems from Carol's interest in ecology.She is presently wrestling with ways to draw attention to the plight of corals in our seas.

She is using crochet to represent the corals,coloured for the healthy ones and off white for those that are dying because of the increased carbon dioxide and warmer ,more acidic waters.

She also is intending to use small discs cut from red and blue organza to represent oxygen molecules.This will be a thought provoking piece in more ways than one.

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  1. It is always fascinating to hear what has inspired these lovely pieces of work.