Monday, 26 June 2017


Carol had been beavering away at several projects,the one above a delightful activity book for a small child.Sorry no more pics but it was gone too quickly.
As a member of Quilters Guild there are usually challenges ,this tulip block below , is as part of a swop with a group in Turkey.Tulps being very apt as they are from Turkey and there  is one called Tulipa Turkestan.

She had also been working on her piece for Nature in Art.incidentally having chosen the same piece as Ira.Carol is using wool as a backing then machining various fabrics to it before boiling. This shrinks the wool and causes lovely textures,the fabrics used also take up the dye differently.

She had made some tiny,collaged embroideries,intending them for cards.We thought they would make sweet little framed pieces displayed together in a block.

Finally,she showed her Amanda Clayton workshop pieces,at least I think they are Carol's,Debby also brought hers ?

Several of us attended and had  a lovely day trying her techniques.

Patching and piecing,laying fabrics on both sides ,collaging lace,cutting through 

and using the easiest of stitches........running .

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