Thursday, 29 June 2017

Amanda Clayton and CROWD.

Jenn had also been on the Amanda Clayton workshop and enjoyed it immensely,above and below are her samples .

The workshop gave her some ideas to link with what she wanted to do for NiA and the Crowd piece.

Using various silk fabrics she cut circles and applied them to small pieces of fabric adding simple running stitch in a variety of threads .

The ceramic by Maria Stewart is coloured porcelain so Jenn decided to try dyeing some silk fabrics to try the technique.

She dampened them and crumpled them into a tray.She used ALL-IN -ONE dyes from Omega Dyes to sprinkle over in small amounts of different colours before adding boiling water and leaving for 30 minutes .After rinsing and drying they were used to create the samples you see above and below.

This is the inspiration.

Now we will wait to see how it is resolved into a piece or pieces for November.

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