Friday, 26 January 2018

Carpets and cockerels.

Viv had been working on her 'carpet'piece.

She had put it on some tea dyed huckleback and wanted our opinion.

She wondered about couching and hand stitching/embellishing around the pieces.

We liked the frayed edges and thought less background would be so much more effective, drawingthe eye in to look at the pieces.

Sue had been making a sample book

to house her experiments with silk ties and the embellisher.Such a good idea to have a record to refer to.

She had also unearthed some past work with cockerels, done with enamels

and print.She was taken with the fowl at Newark Park and is currently researching, drawing and producing textured samples to depict feathers.

She made a wonderful cockerel which was displayed at Sidcot when we exhibited there.We look forward to seeing how these are resolved.

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