Wednesday, 31 January 2018

New tech and ancient land.

Jane is thinking about how she is going to present her piece for Newark.She had thought about having it free standing but is giving herself some time to think over options.

She is fascinated by technical wizardry and had received this, above for Christmas as she said a 'silly little present'
However,it has serious uses as the thread is conductive and is used to introduce electronics into clothing for a variety of uses.She has put the little brooch together which lights up.She had also managed a visit to the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A.

Meantime ,Deryll had received a very interesting book for Christmas.It offered ways of manipulating clothing ideas and examples of how they are put to use by its author Ann Small.

Deryll was taken with some of the examples feeling she might use some of the 

different techniques in exploring the landscape she has chosen to depict for Newark.

She had put together some fabrics, heavily machine stitched

and was talking about using thirds ,dividing into grass, trees and sky.

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