Friday, 23 February 2018

Apotropaic -to turn away.

First the hoops that Sally is creating from her garden book drawings.

Her drawings are really delightful and a lovely record of her garden through the seasons.Turning them into individual embroideries is such a good idea.She aims to present them to hang in the hoops.

Her kitchen piece is all but complete, she thinks she will finish the edge with machine made ribbons

She has incorporated the witches marks found at Newark,believed to be made between 1550-1700.They are known as APOTROPAIC,from the Greek "to turn away"

Could you turn these little fellas away?

Kirsten has worked her felt magic again and produced these adorable family of mice.

It is not only the little details in each one but her very clever staging, and

use of props that brings them to life.

We don't think they'll be around very long.

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