Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Fabric design

Jane has been doing an online fabric design course and getting on rather well.
She came to the meeting this time wearing a top made up in the blue on white colour way in the photo below.The design was based on'PUNTO IN ARIA 'lace designs and is available on Spoonflower.

She spent two days volunteering in the Design Centre,Islington with the people who run the course and has earned herself access to another course.

Some of the designs she created are pictured here.They included stationery and wrapping paper with different colourways.

A Collection of cohesive patterns for tableware to include crockery, napkins and placemats

Some had to be geometric in nature and even some designs for the Tokyo Olympics.

This seems to have suited Jane's methodical and technical brain.....could lead to a whole new career!

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