Saturday, 28 July 2018

Slap it on and cut it up!

Ira arrived, as usual ,with multiple pieces.Her method of working seems so slapdash that you'd never believe how the pieces begin their life! These images show the initial slapping on and moving around of paint on fabric.We loved the moody feel some looked like stalagmites in caves.

These show back and front on a sheer fabric Viv likened them to a Monet impressionistic painting.

She had also been experimenting with taking one small unit and building them up into larger pieces as in the square in this image .The surfaces have been textured by soldering, adding stitch and couching.We thought the squares one below could be made into a vessel.

This had lots of texture with applied patches and loosely rolled 'beads'

At home they had been replacing their decks there were offcuts left Ira decided to put them to use in a triptych.The pieces have been coloured and she has started to apply tiny beads and stitch.

This shows another textured piece in progress, lots of applied snippets of different fabric sit on the base fabric.some square sequins and cross irregular cross stitches are beginning to cover the surface.

Next up what she termed her 'Abstract Expression' piece .Again a textured surface achieved by applying torn tissue and fabric,some print and then the beginning of stitch.

As it caught the light Jane remarked how interesting it was to see the shapes in relief 

and how the stitching holes allowed a different view.This could be exploited but we shall have to wait and see.

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