Monday, 5 November 2018

Medieval stonework and an infestation.

Above, is a detail of what you see below.Ira has been working on looking at an old stone wall.Each of the pieces will be assembled to create a whole.The amount of stitching she adds to her work is quite breathtaking and a lot is hand stitched.The darker rectangles will border the piece with the lighter ones inside.As you can see from the detail the threads used pick up the colours of the paint finish.There will be a lot more before she considers it done.

She, like Sally, entered a piece for the RWA Open Exhibition.However, she was unsuccessful this time.The piece you see below was based on an historical, medieval theme.

Jane, meanwhile had been pursuing her idea of an infestation of insects.She had wanted a very fine silk to support her machined insects.She bought some Margilan silk which is used a lot in Nuno felting.

It was from two different sources and differed in its colour and weight.She now needs to sample her ideas and find if it will give her what she wants.

She has been inspired by a piece of music she heard in Gloucester Cathedral, played as a four part round on harmonicas.The work was by Julian of Norwich.......'and all will be well'.She would like this to be her message the world.

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