Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Can you get your head around this?

These are Jane's latest pieces,npw on dis[play at Bristol Guild.

They are taken from her own photographs of Pevensey Castle and a new piece gof garden sculpture.

First they were edited with a vintage overlay filter before she digitised them for her machine.

People think that the machine is set and goes off and does the work once when it is set going.However ,there is a lot of technical wizardry that goes on before the image is ready to be stitched.For instance ,the cross at the top took 10 hours solid stitching with ten needles to thread, with ten different colours and a bobbin to be changed every hour without any manipulating go the image to be lined up.

The finished piece has no fabric but is simply machine embroidery forming the fabric.A great deal more than flicking a switch!I hope you can get to see them as they look so much better in the gallery with the light behind them.You have until Saturday May 18th.

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