Monday, 27 May 2019

Define Art :- discuss.

With her pieces for Newark framed and ready for exhibiting Ira is turning her thoughts to UWE.

She wants to pose a question which often invites comment, about whether Textiles falls into the category of art or craft.

She is about  drawing the viewer in to examine her work close up and from a distance .She works with layers of abstraction adding in lots of fine detail and using a mix of media.This is no different than many practitioners who call themselves fine artists.

Yet the fact that a needle or machine is employed and most often ,though not exclusively, women are the creators seems to devalue the work.Do you have an opinion, how can this entrenched attitude be altered ?

However, this does not prevent Ira from creating some stunning textile pieces.She continues her practise of stitching and beading in bed every morning accompanied by a cuppa! This her latest sample.

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