Friday, 31 May 2019

Rent asunder

Deryll has made some further decisions about her piece .She thought the fissure in her piece looked too stark when the pieces were separated with black.She has begun to construct a pieced section in colours less deadening than black.We thought it looked much better this way.She plans to add printed or written messages over the fabrics to reinforce what she is trying to get across.At the bottom of the piece she has left the threads and may add tails of newspaper with articles about Fracking and its dangers to the land.

She has also been mulling over another piece ,and been collecting piles of unnecessary plastic packaging.She was wondering what to do with them.We gave some suggestions and will no doubt see if they are acted upon.

She also brought along some fabric pieces and a handy tip for preventing waste.If Deryll has been painting and there is some left over instead of washing it down the sink she uses it on scraps of fabrics.When she needs ready coloured pieces she has a supply to go to........clever!

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