Thursday, 5 September 2019

Monoprinting playday.

After the hectic year we have had with exhibitions,

it was time for a little self indulgent play.

We hired our usual hall, brought along paints, papers, fabric, rollers ,stamps

and experimented with Monoprinting.

Jane showed how to play with drawing with rollers and work over Gesso to create some interesting marks.

Jenn gave some ideas as to how a Gelli plate is used to create layers and not finished prints.The fun comes later auditioning and selecting out.

Everyone was then encouraged to experiment at their own pace.Here are some of the results.......

It was commented at one point in the day, that our meetings are generally not this quiet!
It will be interesting to see if lessons learned today will feed into future work.It was lovely to have no pressure to produce something finished .

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