Thursday, 28 November 2019

Continuing and developing themes.

After UWE Deryll has continued to work on the theme of 'Messages'.
She has just completed this piece, above and detail below.
It is very pertinent with all the images of seas and waterways clogged with plastic waste as it is entirely made of plastic waste! It will make an appearance at Nature in Art next year.

Jane too, has continued to think about ways of developing her idea from UWE.She wants to create  a companion piece with the colours draining away and disintegrating.At present she is developing ways this might happen ,from not using an underlay to stabilise the stitches, and allowing the threads to unravel and pool beneath the piece.Jane is an amazing technician and we have no doubt she will achieve her aim.

She likes the 'stitch and flip' method of patchwork and decided to see if she could use her embroidery machine to replicate the technique.Below are the results, now she can just cut up the patches and assemble a quilt!

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  1. I can't take credit for the patchwork design, it is from I wanted to try out the method before designing my own.